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Baby boomers came of age during a sexual revolution and many are still pursuing their sexual passions.  Recent questionnaire type research in the U.S. and Canada found: “About 30 per cent of baby boomer population are single. There are about 34 per cent baby boomers out of these who indulge in having sex on their very first date. There are still another 17 per cent who indulge in pre- marital sex.”  Baby Boomers and Sexual Freedom


“A 2008 survey by the over-50s magazine Saga found that two-thirds of men and women aged 60-64 said they were still sexually active, with almost half of those getting between the sheets at least once a week.”  But Government figures also reveal that the over 60 population “are now the fastest-growing sector of the population who are contracting STDs.”  What STD’s are medical checkups revealing prevalent among Baby Boomers?


*  Chlamydia, since 2002, has risen by 51 per cent in the 35-64 age group, with a 37 per cent rise in the over-65s.

*  Syphilis – Since 2002, has tripled in the over-65s and doubled in the 35-64 age group

* HIV+ infections among over-50s have gone up by 60 per cent in England and Wales since 2003.

*  Genital Warts, Herpes, Gonorrhea
Baby boomers have always been known to be sexually adventurous and many continue that sort of lifestyle, some cohorting with men and women half their age.  Sexual activity can be good – it is physical exercise, it helps to improve emotional well being, flexibility, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing.  If a man or woman has an adequate level of physical fitness, then engaging in sexual activity is not harmful and can actually improve their health and temporarily alleviate aches and pains of arthritis and other ailments.  Sex and the sixties: They have healthy love lives, but the Baby Boomers must beware the risks


If you are a baby boomer and want to maintain a high level of health and fitness and sexual activity in your life, it is never too late to begin.  Join me as we explore the latest research, the recent discoveries, and the healing products that can keep us healthy and vibrant and enjoying our daily lives.


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