Pain Relief – What is the BEST CHOICE for YOU?

Pain Stiff Swelling

Have you been suffering from aches and pains, muscle spasms, joint problems or overall fatigue from overworked, tired or stressed out muscles?  So many of us lead lives of stress filled days with too much to do and too little time.  And then there are those of us who spend hours at a time sitting at a computer, not getting the amount of stretching and aerobic exercise we really need.


There are many options available to help us overcome those needling aches and pains and sore muscles.  One of my favorite solutions is to get a healing massage with a qualified therapist.  I actually enjoy that wonderful sensation of pain as the practitioner is reaching into and releasing those tight knots in my body.  But I have received and studied and trained in many different body therapy modalities.  So I also love receiving a deep tissue massage, a shiatsu pressure point session, a craniosacral session to balance my craniosacral rhythm and release the stressed out membranes surrounding my brain and nervous system.


Another option for alleviating pain is to visit a chiropractor and have the subluxations in your vertebra pushed back into place.  You might hear a loud popping sound.  You might even feel uncomfortable as it happens.  But soon your body will feel move flexible and the pain will probably dissipate.  And then you need to return often for follow up sessions.  One adjustment will not last as your body returns to its usual habitual tension patterns.


Then you can always rely upon some type of over the counter anti-inflammatory or pain management pills.  You can take aspirin tablets, acetaminophen (Tylenol, aspirin-free Excedrin) or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) such as ibuprofen (Motrin and Advil) or naproxen (Aleve and Naprosyn).


Some of us run to our medical doctors to receive a more powerful prescription medication to alleviate pain that might have been helped with a milder choice.  Corticosteroid pills and injections, opioids that can become addictive, antidepressants and anticonvulsants (anti-seizure) medications can all help to alleviate pain but with many, sometimes severe, side effects.


Finally, many wise and otherwise healthy men and women, choose options that have few, if any, side effects.  There are creams, lotions and sprays that can be applied to the skin to relieve the pain of sore muscles and even arthritis.  Our local drug stores provide many options for quick pain relief, such as Ben-Gay and Icy Hot creams as well as Capzasin-P (hot pepper) patches.


Now there is something new and powerful to alleviate pain.  A company that is focused on green living, green and healthy food, and green and healthy pain relief has created a product that is quick and easy to apply with literally no side effects.  The ingredients are pure germanium, fermented Korean ginseng, silver and marine and marine phytoplankton.  These “Power Strips” are creating a buzz of excitement.


Here’s What Only A Few People Say About

The Healing Effect of Power Strips

Power Strip Testimonials


I have just begun using this product myself and have heard some amazing testimonials from people who had either instant relief or powerful relief of symptoms by the following day.  If you or someone you know have been suffering from pain and are ready to find a quick and easy solution, check out this PRODUCT, the COMPANY, and the OPPORTUNITY.


CONTACT ME.  As a former professor of Health and Physical Education and a body oriented psychotherapist, I can help you to decide if this would be right for you and your health.




Dr. Erica Goodstone


1 Diane Bester { 03.28.14 at 5:46 pm }

That sounds like a very safe and a great alternative to some of the other ways that you mentioned. I have never heard of them. Thanks for that information!

2 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 03.28.14 at 9:33 pm }


I have been using these patches for a few days now and they do relieve symptoms quickly.
There are no side effects, they provide warmth and release of stress. And they can
easily be removed a few hours later.


Dr. Erica

3 Erika Mohssen-Beyk { 03.29.14 at 4:18 pm }

This sounds much better than eating pills for pain relief ,
everybody should try this ,because it is natural .
The testimonials speak for it as well.
Erika Mohssen-Beyk recently posted..Gluten Free Millet – Health Benefits According To TMCMy Profile

4 Monna Ellithorpe { 03.30.14 at 2:33 pm }

Hi Erica, Wonderful post and I am happy that some people are able to find natural ways to alleviate their pain.

Have a great day. Monna
Monna Ellithorpe recently posted..Create Yourself Writing Workshop Inspiring New WritersMy Profile

5 Sue Bride { 03.30.14 at 2:56 pm }

It is good to hear testimonials from people I trust to tell the truth rather than reading purely ad copy. If I can persuade my partner to try something new I will order some. I much prefer natural treatments where they are available.
Sue Bride recently posted..How To Encourage Pinterest PinningMy Profile

6 Jacs Henderson { 03.30.14 at 6:59 pm }

Lovely post Dr Erica, these Powerstrips for pain are marvellous – I had another friend last night use one which eliminated her back pain whilst sleeping. Simple,natural and effective is my Mantra for them:)
Jacs Henderson recently posted..Is Your Body Longing For Simple, Natural and Effective Pain Relief?My Profile

7 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 03.31.14 at 12:35 am }

@ Erika Mohssen-Beyk:

Yes, it is so quick and easy to put a patch over the body part that is bothering you. The natural herbs provide warmth and increase circulation, helping your muscles to relax and the pain to dissipate.


Dr. Erica
Dr. Erica Goodstone recently posted..Pain Relief – What is the BEST CHOICE for YOU?My Profile

8 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 03.31.14 at 12:37 am }

@ Monna Ellithorpe:

I have always looked to first find natural ways to heal, unless the pain is so acute and intense that a strong medication is all that will work in the moment. But as soon as the acute stage is over, I always return to a more natural approach, such as body therapy, yoga, meditation and products such as the power strip that can naturally lessen the pain and discomfort.


Dr. Erica
Dr. Erica Goodstone recently posted..Pain Relief – What is the BEST CHOICE for YOU?My Profile

9 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 03.31.14 at 12:39 am }

@ Sue Bride:

I agree with you. As I said to Monna, I always seek to heal whatever ails me through natural means first, if at all possible. We only use 9% of our brains so I know we can actually heal just through correcting our consciousness but that is so difficult living in the world with all the influences around us. So using something to assist, like the power strips, can ease our mind, relax our muscles and allow the healing to occur.


Dr. Erica
Dr. Erica Goodstone recently posted..Pain Relief – What is the BEST CHOICE for YOU?My Profile

10 Sarah Arrow { 03.31.14 at 2:43 pm }

What a fascinating post, are the strips placebo or genuine healers? They seem a good, effective natural alternative. I shall see if we can get them in the UK
Sarah Arrow recently posted..How to optimize a post using the WordPress SEO PluginMy Profile

11 Karen Peltier { 04.01.14 at 1:08 am }

These are all great ways to deal with pain. I find that a holistic approach and combination of methods often work best for me (e.g., massage, anti-inflammatory herbs, certain exercises, stress-relieving techniques like meditation, etc.) By the way, I never heard of the product you mention at the end of your post, but I will look into it to learn more. It sounds intriguing.
Karen Peltier recently posted..Spring Clean on the Cheap with These 5 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Ingredients!My Profile

12 Diane Bester { 04.01.14 at 8:22 pm }

@ Dr. Erica Goodstone: that’s great to know. I wondered if you used them yourself too. Thanks!

13 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 04.01.14 at 11:03 pm }

I would not recommend a product I do not personally use and like.


Dr. Erica

14 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 04.01.14 at 11:05 pm }


It is a new product and has only been out for a few months in pre-launch so that a limited number of people could try it first. There have been lots of reports of powerful results – elimination of pain quickly, decrease in restricted movements, and more.


Dr. Erica

15 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 04.01.14 at 11:06 pm }


I sent you a private note. Yes, this company is huge, selling many green products. They distribute to most countries around the world.


Dr. Erica

16 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 04.01.14 at 11:09 pm }

I agree. Simple and natural is best. Glad to hear that you friend felt quick relief.
Dr. Erica

17 Liz Delaney { 04.05.14 at 3:23 am }

Hi Erica. This is a very interesting post. I have never heard of Powerstrips before, but after researching it I see they are similar to something I tried a while ago. I put them on my feet overnight to draw out the toxins. Thanks for this informative post.
Liz Delaney recently posted..How to Refresh or Reload a Page.My Profile

18 Sarupa Shah { 04.05.14 at 5:58 am }

I never do conventional medicine on aces and pains, always alternative…this product sounds very fascinating….will keep an eye on it till I get more of a feel for it…at the moment I am recommending black magnetic hematite to people and it is working a treat, I guess it is about making a choice in the end, but I love the naturalness of what you have shared…
Sarupa Shah recently posted..Authenticity workout with @sarupashahMy Profile

19 Marquita Herald { 04.05.14 at 4:41 pm }

Very interesting Dr. Erica. I like your emphasis on natural healing and oh I do love a good massage! With one notable exception I’ve been blessed with very good health in my life and I have to believe at least a part of that has to do with the fact I’ve always had a thing about avoiding pharmaceuticals and (as much as possible) artificial preservatives. I can’t even remember the last time I took an aspirin or had a col. That said I have to admit the testimonials for the power strips are compelling so it’s definitely worth learning more. Thanks!
Marquita Herald recently posted..On Becoming the Person You Aspire to BeMy Profile

20 Willena Flewelling { 04.05.14 at 9:52 pm }

One of the least intrusive ways I know to heal back pain, or pain anywhere else in the body, is what my daughter Raewyn does… kinesionics. She can put a person’s back into place, vertebra by vertebra, by barely touching the person, and then she finishes off by doing an energy balance. Trouble is, there are very few kinesionics practitioners right now…

I’m guessing the power strips cause your body to absorb the herbs where they are needed. It sounds like a great product that can do no harm, and can only do good.

Willena Flewelling recently posted..It’s Cold Out There!My Profile

21 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 04.05.14 at 10:54 pm }


Your daughter’s work is so very needed. I do a type of mind-body therapy, having studied and trained in a wide variety of body therapy methods over the years. So much of our body’s aches and pains, rashes and inflammation, comes from our body alignment and our emotions. When we are upset or stressed, we naturally constrict various body parts depending upon what the issue is what our lifelong habits are. I help people to recognize where they are holding tension, to release the tension and connect with the emotional issue. The power strips are like a big band aid. The specific herbs help to bring warmth and healing to the body part that hurts.


Dr. Erica

22 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 04.05.14 at 10:56 pm }


These power strips are like putting a band aid on an achy body part. But it does not contain harmful drugs to suppress symptoms. The herbs help to bring warmth and to draw out the toxins and help the muscles to naturally relax.


Dr. Erica

23 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 04.05.14 at 10:59 pm }


I have used magnetic jewelry for many years. They look like regular costume jewelry but they have magnets that alleviate pain in my neck, write, fingers. I have really felt the difference. So for me, when I found out about these power strips, I saw it as just another good quality healing tool to have available if and when something hurts. As an athlete and sometimes injury prone, I have collected lots of elastic bands and lights, magnets and electrical stimulation machines to help when something hurts. These power strips are so quick and easy to use and not intrusive.


Dr. Erica

24 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 04.05.14 at 11:01 pm }


They are not the same as those pads you put on the sole of your feet to draw out the toxins. They do not become black as you wear them. They are just soothing herbs that help to bring warmth to the affected area and break down some of the tension in the area – quickly and easily.


Dr. Erica

25 Barb Sibbing { 04.06.14 at 9:52 pm }

Loved the article and sounds great!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
Barb Sibbing recently posted..10 Inventive Ways to Use Social Media for Your BusinessMy Profile

26 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 04.07.14 at 11:15 pm }


Thanks for stopping by to read my blog.


Dr. Erica

27 James Hughes { 12.22.14 at 1:36 am }

Agree with Dr. Erica …
I also had experienced with it , use of so much pills and antioxidants are not good for health . It reduces the pain but for very short time. But going for natural therapy like massage, stretching and yoga are better option to your pain healing. Taking advise from chiropractic is more effective.

28 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 12.22.14 at 11:52 am }


You are right that the Power Strips do help relieve pain for a short time and often that is all that is needed. I have had pain in my wrist, my fingers, my knee or another body part and placed a strip on that spot. In the morning, most times, the pain is not there. If I have a more serious problem like a spasm in a muscle, of course it will not instantly be relieved. But receiving a chiropractic treatment or a full body massage also does not guarantee the the pain will be relieved for good. If that was the case, the practitioners would soon go out of business.

There is certainly a need for healing practitioners and there is also a place for pain relieves such as these power strips that involve no medication, no pills, no side effects.


Dr. Erica

29 Max Arthur { 03.02.15 at 2:01 am }

When it comes to pain relief I prefer home remedies. They’re just as effective as medication anyway.
Max Arthur recently posted..myTonicMy Profile

30 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 03.06.15 at 2:56 pm }


Many home remedies can do the trick. And once in awhile, when the pain is really intense, the only thing that soothes the body is an accurately prescribed medication. It is important to know the difference and not always use strong medications as the first line of defense or treatment.


Dr. Erica

31 Matthew Pfau { 07.27.15 at 4:42 pm }

Massage would always be my first choice! I try to stay away from pain meds if possible. Thanks for laying out all of the many options.
Matthew Pfau recently posted..Is It Legal to Flip off the Police?My Profile

32 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 07.27.15 at 5:27 pm }


I agree. Massage and many of the other types of body therapies and mind-body therapies are always preferable, certainly as the first response, instead of immediately suppressing your immune system with drugs.


Dr. Erica

33 Edward Thorpe { 01.31.16 at 7:48 pm }

Hi Dr. Erica,

Wide ranging post about how to relieve aches and pains. Of the options you mention, I think I prefer one of the massages.

Out of curiosity, I also looked at the ‘Power Strips’ sounds interesting, although they’re really proud of them.

Good post with good information. Thanks,

34 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 01.31.16 at 9:44 pm }


So many different techniques can help us to alleviate aches and pains and other ailments. And sometimes, good old medicine is the answer. First, it is essential to get an accurate diagnosis so we know what we are actually dealing with. Putting a power strip on a broken bone, for example, would not at all solve the problem.

Dr. Erica