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Baby Boomers are at the point where what we do today may have profound effects upon our future health, wellness, prosperity and enjoyment of life.  And what better time to reevaluate how we have been living, the benefits and disadvantages of our current lifestyle choices.  As the old year, 2010, comes to an end and we usher in a completely new year, 2011, what promises are you making to yourself?


Are you ready to set health intentions that you will actually follow through on?


*  Are you willing to take time out, every day, to ease your mind, breathe deeply and relax?

*  How much exercise and what type do you plan to provide for your body’s metabolism, energy and fitness?

*  Have you set some personal goals, career goals, family goals and do you have a plan to take small steps toward accomplishing those?

*  Are focusing on being grateful for what you do have instead of bemoaning your fate and suffering over losses, failures and your own perceived deficits?

*  Are you ready to stop procrastinating and begin building your legacy, for your family, your children and others now?


The year 2010 is ending.  Let it go.  Let go of all the unwanted things that have happened.  Let go of the pains you have felt, the losses you have experienced and the general life disappointments that have plagued you.  Let it all go.  Don’t look back, look forward.

The year 2011 is here now.
  This New Year brings a new chapter into our life.  We can truly begin anew.  We can make new promises, set new intentions, make new choices and decisions, and create lasting change in any aspect of our life that we desire to change.
Last year is over.  You may have made many mistakes, left many projects incomplete, and not fulfilled your promises to yourself or others.  Last year is over now.  It will never return. What do YOU plan to do with this wonderful opportunity for complete life renewal?

Start this New Year with a clear intention. 

  • What do you really, really, really want that may have somehow eluded you until now?
  • Make a short list (no more than 10 items) of your most important intentions for this new year.
  • Look at each item on the list and take a moment to imagine it is the end of this new year and you have actually accomplished this intention.
  • Allow your imagination to include lots of details – Who is with you, how you look, how you feel, and what accomplishing this intention has done for you.
  • Imagine looking back over this new year and realizing what has assisted you to actualize and materialize each of your intentions.
  • Smile and know that all of this is totally possible and within your reach.


At the end of every month in this New Year, take a few moments to repeat the steps above.  Renew and refresh your stated overall intention.  Review and revise your list.  Take the time to visualize yourself already having achieved and attained your intentions.  Smile and let it go.


Please comment below.
  There is power in stating your goals and intentions.  Share them with me here.  I would love to add support and encouragement.

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Imagine living your life on purpose, creating intentions, imagining them already actualized and smiling at how good you feel.  Now isn’t that better than worrying and suffering over what has troubled you in the past and what could possibly become a problem in the future.  Intention, imagination, visualization and belief create the future.


Are you  ready to begin YOUR healthy habits right now?


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Dr. Erica

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[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Skylordtravel, Ariali Bianchi. Ariali Bianchi said: Baby Boomers are at the point where what we do today may have profound effects upon our future health, wellness,… […]

2 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 12.31.10 at 9:43 pm }

Ariali, We can certainly afffect our future health.

3 Val Wilcox { 01.04.11 at 5:13 pm }

Visualizing your life is a wonderful way to bring those key points into focus. Setting intentions for the upcoming year gives you a guideline to follow. Not worth looking back in regret, understand it was a learning experience and move on…

Val 🙂
Val Wilcox recently posted..Where Do You StandMy Profile

4 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 01.04.11 at 6:58 pm }

Val, You are so right. It is really important to learn from past experiences and keep your eye toward the future, especially with a visceral sense of already having achieved and attained whatever it is you want and dream about and long for.
Happy New Year.


5 John Gaydon { 01.08.11 at 10:52 pm }


This post contains great wisdom. Interestingly enough, baby boomers in my family have suddenly changed their ways and are looking at better heatlh, even thought they won’t listen to me, the healthiest in the whole family!

I am committed to more meditation this year. Even though my life is guided by mysterious force, I am finding lack of time out affects y success!

As we age, many find that they are shackled by past experience. Let’s get back to youthful thiking where everything is possible and we know nothing of what could go wrong! This is a year to move bravely forward and release the motoinal garbage we use to limit our freedom to live the life we choose.
John Gaydon recently posted..2011 Starts Off With A Bang!My Profile

6 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 01.09.11 at 2:55 am }

That is so true. We need some time out, quiet time, to reflect on life, on love, on nature, on just being. Time out gives our mind a rest and we feel renewed energy when we return to our work and projects and relationships.

7 Janette Stoll { 01.12.11 at 9:40 pm }

This post applies to everyone. I love your points on letting go of the past year and move on and live your life in 2011. I think people feel overwhelmed thinking of a major life change especially when they haven’t taken care of their health and so forth. But the key is to make small changes and do it slowly. No one sets out to run a full marathon right away.
Great post!

Janette Stoll

8 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 01.13.11 at 2:21 am }

You are so right. Most of us wouldn’t even consider running a marathon without building up to it, but somehow many of us think that building an online business should be quick and easy to do. This is also a slow building process.