Gut Instincts – Pay Attention

Localisation of pain caused by kidney stones

Localisation of pain caused by kidney stones (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Gut instincts can save your life – pay attention. A funny tingle in your belly. A sudden knot in your solar plexus. A sharp pain in the right corner or left corner of your abdomen. A gnawing discomfort deep within.

That funny tingle, a jittery, uncomfortable feeling, may be a rush of dopamine alerting you to something dangerous or just not right in your environment. Without that “gut feeling,” you might not take notice. But your body is giving you a signal.

A sharp pain or a gnawing pain can indicate a serious physical problem. Apendicitis, kidney stones, a gall bladder attack, acid indigestion or even a heart problem can all be revealed by a “gut feeling” that is not familiar and ordinary to you. Pay attention.

Physical symptoms are sometimes not indicating a physical problem but rather revealing to you that someone or something is emotionally disturbing you. If your body feels fine until you spend time with a certain person, then perhaps that person’s energy is affecting you adversely. Pay attention.

If you meet a new person and get an instant bodily sensation, e.g., you feel a tighening in your stomach, your legs feel weak and shaky, you suddenly feel tired, then trust your instincts. Notice how that person is affecting you. Pay attention.

If you are really astute, you can observe the bodily reactions of others and realize ways to show sympathy, empathy or to offer help and comfort. Being oblivious to the needs and feelings of others, especially if you are in a close relationship with that person, can cause you problems later on. Pay attention.

Finally, one interesting example of the benefits of listening to your body rather than you mind, is in a situation where you “choke.” It happens to experienced athletes, experienced performers, experiences speakers. When we become skilled at an activity, it becomes a habit pattern in our brain. If we are forced to focus on the details of that skill, we can temporarily lose the sense of that habit pattern that has been established in our brain. Thinking can interfere. In this situation, ignore your thoughts and pay attention to your body. Let your body free your mind.

In healing, in love, in relationships, in sports, and in many aspects of life, let your body lead the way. Pay attention to the wisdom of your body.  Your Body Believes You




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1 WorkingBoomer { 01.19.11 at 3:05 am }

Love this. Keep up the good work Erica.

2 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 01.19.11 at 3:36 am }

Thanks for the supportive comment.

3 Val Wilcox { 01.19.11 at 7:57 pm }

Wise words indeed! Being aware of your body’s reactions to stress, people or illnesses is key isn’t it! Our instincts are there for a reason. Listening to them helps keep you in balance.
Val 😉
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4 Belinda Cunningham { 01.19.11 at 8:43 pm }

Erica, Love it, our bodies can tell us so much if only we tune in. I have a very emotional gut and it is always telling me something but I find it hard to work out exactly what it is warning me about. Any clues as to how to work it out.

5 Cherokee scrubs { 01.20.11 at 5:11 am }

Thanks for the insight. Indeed, gut instinct commonly come our way especially when there is something that will gonna happen,and commonly, we ignore it. 🙁

6 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 01.20.11 at 5:33 am }

Listening to our instincts can help in so many ways. We can prevent injury to our body, we can break off a relationship that is draining our energy, we can enroll in a program or course that changes our life….
I actually entered my doctoral program in Human Sexuality, Marriage and Family Living on a gut instinct. It was a very unusual program at the time and it resonated with me and later became a huge part of my life’s work.

7 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 01.20.11 at 5:38 am }

Actually I do have a clue about what to do if you really want to delve further into those gut instincts. My main training, the basis of much of my work with clients, is The Rubenfeld Synergy Method of talk and touch. It is so gentle yet so profound. By listening to your body, with a gentle touch encouraging you to let go of habitual tension, your mind is able to delve deeper, your imagination takes over and your perspective shifts. Check out

8 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 01.20.11 at 5:39 am }

Cherokee Scrubs, True, often we ignore those gut instincts, but when we pay attention we can prevent negative happenings and be receptive to positive opportunities.

9 Mark { 01.21.11 at 5:10 pm }

Hi Erica
I have noticed when I’m around certain people I feel sick or “off” and when I leave I start to feel better. I have also always known when my daughters are expecting sometimes even before they do just by the way I feel.

Great post! Thank.
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10 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 01.25.11 at 2:08 am }

It seems that you are truly tuned in to your body sensations. That allows you to be sensitive to others. Men’s strength actually comes from honoring their sensitivity, their heart and their loving, in addition to the physical prowess and business success skills.