Does YOUR Face Need Surgery? STOP! Read This First

Plastic Surgery Slumber Party

Plastic Surgery Slumber Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Men and women over 50 are voluntarily going under the knife, not just for necessary health and life saving surgeries.  Now more than ever, this group that never planned to grow old is feverishly attempting to retain the semblance of their rapidly fading youth through surgical and less invasive procedures.


“As Baby Boomers reach the age where they’re starting to consider a few cosmetic touch-ups, they are turning toward rejuvenation Dr. procedures for the face, breasts and body…. Perhaps because there are so many people in this generation, our practice is seeing a steady increase in the number of people who want to look and feel their best during their Golden Years,”  explains Dr. Grant Stevens from Marina Plastic Surgery Associates in California.  Cosmetic Procedures for Baby Boomers on the Rise.


Some 50 somethings are opting to add BOTOX Cosmetic or dermal fillers to refine some unwanted lines and wrinkles and to smooth out facial appearance.  Others are opting for surgical procedures to remove fat, slim down, and reshape body contours.  New techniques claim to offer powerful results without surgery.  Some well known methods are CoolSculpting by ZELTIQ and ZERONA and herbal body wrapping by Slimmer You.  These processes can slim inches from a person’s hips, thighs or other body areas, all without surgery or downtime.


Although there is no substitute for rhinoplasty if one is dissatisfied with the shape or size of a nose, your skin can be rejuvenated using nano-current technology by Body Allure, rejuvenating cream by Olay Degeneris, and a myriad of different anti-aging gels and creams.


Surgeries can create a temporary illusion of youthfulness, but often at a cost – scarring and scar tissue problems, danger to one’s health, potential for infections, and the possible need for additional surgeries as gravity once again takes its toll.  Also, many of these wonderful gels and creams contain numerous harmful chemicals that may smooth out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles yet may actually be harmful to one’s overall health.


Chaga International,, has recently created a one-of-a-kind, totally natural and extremely powerful anti-aging serum.  The original Chaga Mushroom Extract (which contains water based, full strength chaga from the birch trees of Siberia – with no additional alcohol and chemicals), has been proven to remove toxins, add high antioxidants, and strengthen the immune system.  Now they have created the anti-aging serum that healthy baby boomers have been waiting for – totally natural and highly effective for softening the skin, lightening and dissolving brown spots, moles, discolorations, fine lines and wrinkles.


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Contact me at, or go to Chaga International, watch the videos at the bottom right corner and then read the numerous scientific articles in the upper left about the healing benefits of this amazing Chaga mushroom.  Medicinal mushrooms have been the best kept secret for many years, known about for centuries across the globe in many Asian countries.


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For a healing book, Heal Me … Please 


Wishing you health, prosperity, love and fulfillment for years to come,




Dr. Erica

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1 Debra { 10.18.10 at 5:40 pm }

Dr. Erica, Thanks for this enlightening article. It seems baby boomers have found a new trend to lead the country. Personally, I appreciate my body maturing nicely and will accept the wrinkles, the extra padding, and the grey hair. My gift to my grandchildren and great-grandchildren is not a teen sized body. My gift is the wisdom of my years and accepting aging gracefully.

2 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 10.18.10 at 9:32 pm }

What a wonderful gift and legacy you are leaving. My goal is to assist more women and men to “appreciate [their] body maturing naturally” and to pursue their dreams and goals and life purpose.

3 Aline { 10.19.10 at 2:59 am }

True beauty is letting our light shine from our soul. No cream or surgery can create the radiance that freedom from our Being can generate, beyond the superficial, into our depth…

4 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 10.20.10 at 2:29 am }

Aline, So true. We can all recall meeting a very old person who radiates such warmth and caring and wisdom that very soon we don’t even see the lines or signs of aging – all we see is this caring soul and how we feel in this person’s presence.

5 Lesly { 10.20.10 at 1:20 pm }

Awesome new blog!!! Startling info on surgeries and boomers! I am in that category too. But, surgery hasn’t crossed my mind. I use a lot of natural skin products, vitamin E, olive oil and at 56 I look okay! Also, positive mindset is a HUGE help and I believe is the key to youthfulness .. great blog, I shall return!
Lesly recently posted..Your Amazing Body Series 4 – Stem CellsMy Profile

6 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 10.20.10 at 2:50 pm }

Thanks Lesly. I’m with y ou. I have started using Chaga Anti-aging serum (totally natural, no chemicals) and I do not want to take chances with unnecessary surgeries. We CAN keep ourselves looking youthful and vibrant without going under the knife to do so artificially.