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       “How old would you be if …
you didn’t know how old you was?”

                                   ~ Satchel Paige – Baseball Pitching Legend


Beginning some time in our early 20’s, the different organs and cells in
our body begin  to age.  Each body part ages at a different rate and in
different ways.  That is part of the  process of our biological aging.

Every year that we live we become 1 year older.  That is our
chronological age.  For many people, just knowing they are a certain
age gives them a sense of what  they can and cannot, should and
should not do.


Aging is not just biological (aging of body organs) or chronological
(calendar age).  There are many different aspects and facets of the
aging process, many that are  actually within our own control.

We cannot control our chronological or biological age, unless we
can somehow  invent a unique time machine.  But many of the other
indicators of age ARE within our direct control.



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One factor of aging is functional age, how well our various organs
function.  We may not have the  strength or agility that we had in
our 20’s and 30’s but we can maintain a high degree of strength,
flexibility and movement capacity throughout our life, not matter
how long we live.


Our psychological, emotional and intellectual age CAN be
controlled to a large degree by the actions  we take consistently
during our lifetime.  If we keep our attitude open and accepting,
curious and  willing to learn new things, we have a better chance
of keeping our intellectual and psychological  age youthful.


If we learn how to handle our emotional responses to other
people’s actions and behaviors and to  the inevitable
disappointments, hurts and losses in life, we can face the
challenges of aging in a  calm and accepting way.


So – when is it too late to enjoy intimate connection with
another, including sensual and sexual  intimacy.  NEVER!
Even if we have suffered from a serious illness.  Even if we
live with chronic  pain and discomfort.  Even if our partner
suffers from anxiety, depression or other emotional  problems,
we can still find a way to touch, be touched and share intimate
loving. It IS possible.


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