A Diet of Self-Love by Guest Blogger Susan Joyce Proctor



On Valentine’s Day this year I had the pleasure of interviewing my colleague and friend, Susan Joyce Proctor, about a topic that is dear to my heart “A Diet of Self-Love.”  At first glance, one might think we are merely talking about the concept that it is healthy to love our own self daily.  That is part of this discussion but the information is more complex and is based upon some powerful theories about our own unique blood type and body constitution as well as our general state of mind.  Listen to the archived interview at Dr. Erica’s Healthy Baby Boomers Network Blog Talk Radio Show.


A Diet of Self-Love by Guest Blogger Susan Joyce Proctor


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“As a Women’s Wellness and Weight Expert, I often surprise people when they hear I don’t believe in dieting.


Having struggled with weight and food for many years myself, I found that the whole mentality of deprivation, and relying on outside sources for my guidance about what to eat, took me far from where I wanted to be – and also resulted in significant weight gain over time.


Many of us have been there, right? You diet, and then you go off the diet and gain the weight back. And in the process you’ve probably lost muscle so your metabolism is slower, and then you diet again, etc., etc., etc. Do you know anyone who really resolved her weight problem through dieting?


In addition to the negative impacts on your body, there are real problems here for your mind and heart. It’s discouraging to constantly fail, of course, which really erodes one’s confidence and self-esteem. But even more troubling is the emotional pain behind the choice to deprive ourselves of nourishment and gratification. That’s why I say (and I’m way over-simplifying here) that a “diet” of self-love is the only one that really works. Our relationship with food is a primary one, a foundation for all our other relationships. So healing this through self-love, which is what I’ve done myself and with my clients, has amazingly wonderful ripple effects throughout the rest of our lives.


It also frees us up to make genuinely healthy choices about food. When we are free of emotional pain around food and weight, we get to explore what works for us nutritionally – and since we are all unique, this is different for everyone. Some people thrive as vegetarians, for example, and others really don’t.


In the Gourmet Wellness program that I’ve developed, we utilize two powerful sciences as the roadmap to our most intelligent choices about food. One is Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s (Eat Right 4 Your Type) “blood type diet,” a cutting-edge science which describes the physiology of each of the four blood types, and the best and worst food and lifestyle choices to nurture them. The other is Ayurveda, a sister science to yoga, whose ancient wisdom offers specific guidance to balance each of three different constitutional types.


The resulting twelve archetypes in the Gourmet Wellness program allow women to discover and validate their own truth about what’s right for them. Some women have laughed triumphantly when they’ve learned about their archetype’s recommendations, others have sobbed. It’s always illuminating, often healing, and definitely about self-love – because that’s the only “diet” that really works.”


Susan Joyce Proctor, MBA, DAy, FIfHI, is a Women’s Wellness and Weight Expert, and helps women all over the world find their Ideal Cuisine, reach their ideal weight, and create more joyful relationships with food. She is the founder of Gourmet Wellness, a founder of Hygieas (the Global Association for Women in Wellness), and the author of The Intelligent Women’s Guide to Healthy Weight Loss with the Blood Type Diet (https://www.amazon.com/author/susanjoyceproctor). For Susan’s 11 Tips for Women Who Love to Eat, and Want to Be Thinner, and info about her live monthly call and other events, please visit GourmetWellness.com.


Here’s to Eating Right for your Blood Type, your Constitution and your Current Emotional State.




Dr. Erica



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