The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly – Antibiotics

When we are suffering from bronchitis, a painful open wound or any number of ailments which could become increasingly more infected, our doctors will prescribe an antiobiotic.  The problem, as I see it, is that these very effective drugs have been overused and are often not necessary if there is a more natural method for healing.

This infographic, however, is explaining an even more serious problem that has evolved with the use of antibiotics in our very source of sustenance, our food supply.  This guest infographic, submitted by Audrey Clark, was brought to you by the Carrington.Edu Blog.



Good, Bad, Ugly - Antiobiotics

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Dr. Erica Goodstone


1 Erika Mohssen-Beyk { 03.14.14 at 12:01 pm }

This is a good infographic,
Antibiotics are overused and get
more and more in effective.
I heard from surgeon friends that it is scary
when they do not really work anymore when needed.
It would be good to use more natural and holistic medicine .
Thank you for sharing
Erika Mohssen-Beyk recently posted..Do the Pilates Exercise for Your Six Pack AbsMy Profile

2 Yorinda Wanner { 03.14.14 at 5:49 pm }

Hi Dr. Erica,
thank you for spreading the awareness of this with this great infographic.
There are healthy alternatives, like coconut oil which is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and even anti-viral thanks to the medium chain fatty acids like lauric acid.
I am so glad to have read Dr. Bruce Fife’s books on the benefits of coconut oil even in regards to neuro-degenerative diseases.

I appreciate that you help people with their well being by sharing this information!
Love and Light!
Yorinda Wanner recently posted..Health Benefits of Coconut flourMy Profile

3 Christine Adindu { 03.14.14 at 8:15 pm }

This topic hits home for me…phew! I can not get into it. Antibiotics watch out don’t do more and don’t do less. Doing less can take your life…
Thank you for the information. Knowledge is Power…That is one of the name for one of FB Fan pages. It is always better to know.
Christine Adindu recently posted..Important Things To Note When It Comes To Mobile MarketingMy Profile

4 Lesly Federici { 03.15.14 at 9:27 am }

It’s been a while since I have visited here, great site and a great infographic … I tell everyone to use just soap and water to wash hands and the antibacterial soaps are causing more harm than good … ” man ” is creating our own problems …
Lesly Federici recently posted..Video Size MattersMy Profile

5 Monna Ellithorpe { 03.15.14 at 9:32 pm }

Hi Erica,
Great post. I probably do take more antibiotics than I should but they sure seem to help me.

Have a great evening, Monna
Monna Ellithorpe recently posted..3 Creative Writing Tools Online Just For You…My Profile

6 Alexandre Sa { 03.16.14 at 12:26 am }

Hi Erica!

Being a dentist I have always avoided taking and prescribing antibiotics because the bacteria really become resistant if people overuse them.
We should always search for alternative options.
You post is very informative and relevant.
Thanks for sharing such great info.

God bless you.
Alexandre Sa
Alexandre Sa recently posted..Is it possible to make money with Digital Products?My Profile

7 Nate { 03.16.14 at 2:44 pm }

Hello Dr. Goodstone,

Yes, I’ve heard many bad things about antibiotics. They can do more harm than good. There’s so much information out there, there’s usually alternatives to these types of things. Great post!
Nate recently posted..Why Storytelling Is Your Secret Weapon in Social MediaMy Profile

8 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 03.28.14 at 9:35 pm }

Thanks for stopping by. The world seems to be changing so rapidly and things that started out as good are being overused and even abused. Antibiotics have helped many people to overcome illnesses and now they sometimes actually lead to dangerous outcomes.


Dr. Erica

9 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 03.28.14 at 9:35 pm }


I love hearing about all those wonderful natural remedies that we can easily use. I now use coconut oil much more often and rarely take any antibiotics. Also, probiotics are important to keep the healthy flora in your system alive.


Dr. Erica

10 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 03.28.14 at 9:35 pm }


You are right. We should not do more but we should also not do less. When they are needed they do help to save lives. I will check out your fan page.


Dr. Erica

11 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 03.28.14 at 9:36 pm }

Thanks for stopping by. We have become so oriented toward a quick fix, taking medications that we believe will quickly prevent or eradicate diseases. But the truth is, the old fashioned slow and simple methods often work best. Soap and water is a tried and true way to keep clean. We do not bathe in antibiotics; we still use soap and water, fortunately.


Dr. Erica

12 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 03.28.14 at 9:36 pm }

Antibiotics are valuable when needed but they can lose their effectiveness because the bacteria become resistant if we use them too often when not really necessary. Natural prevention and healing is the safest bet.


Dr. Erica

13 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 03.28.14 at 9:36 pm }

Some dentists also over-prescribe antibiotics. Glad to hear you prefer a healthy alternative if possible.

Dr. Erica

14 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 03.28.14 at 9:37 pm }

Glad you are aware of some of the dangers of using too much medicine, especially when not really necessary since there may be some healthy alternatives available.

Dr. Erica

15 William Amis { 03.30.14 at 4:55 am }

Dr. Erica,
It truly is amazing how we have come so far with technology and yet our own survival is at risk. We have to eat and yet there is nothing out here that would be safe. It seems every time I turn around more food is bad for us.

Thank you for this information, which has change my outlook on allot of things taken for granted. We surly should only trust in God.
William Amis recently posted..We Must Begin Somewhere!My Profile

16 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 03.30.14 at 11:35 am }


I remember drinking from water fountains and eating all sorts of sugary, fatty foods, and exercising a lot. Now, even if we choose salads and vegetables we have to be concerned about whether there are pesticide residues or hybird plants that don’t respond normally in our body. Times have certainly changed. And I like your final statement, to just trust in God.


Dr. Erica

17 Jenna Matthews { 02.25.15 at 10:56 pm }

That’s why I prefer home remedy than antibiotics. Works for me all the time.
Jenna Matthews recently – Vital Breath Performance System deal – $19.95My Profile

18 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 02.26.15 at 7:48 am }


If you know the proper home remedies to use that is always better.

Dr. Erica

19 Mark { 06.15.15 at 12:57 pm }

some really eye opening and scary facts Dr.Erica!

I had no idea 80% of the antibiotics sold were for use in food animals! We have all these so called technological advances, while our health status becomes more precarious by the minute!

And the results just seem t suggest, it’s best to use them very sparingly!It almost makes you scratch your head wondering why more of the natural remedies aren’t advocated more often!

Then again, I guess we really know the answer to that one, don’t we?LOL!

Great post and infographic! Thanks for sharing it!
Mark recently posted..Online marketing: Why Extremely Savvy Email Marketers Shouldn’t Be Too Judge-Mental!My Profile

20 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 06.17.15 at 7:38 pm }

My father was a Pharmacist, born in Jerusalem. He used natural remedies all the time and drugs only for relief from severe illnesses. Times have certainly changed.

Dr. Erica