12 Incredible TED Talks on Your Health

Bonnie Bassler talking at TED

Bonnie Bassler talking at TED (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Are you ready to improve your health and live the active and fulfilled life you want?  TED Talks on Your Health provide insights and the most cutting edge information on how you can heal your body now.


Here is the lineup of the 12 speakers:

  1. Stuart Brown shares his research on the physiological and mental benefits of recreation.
  2. Jessica Green talks about proper filtering of microbes, especially in hospital air vents.
  3. Dean Ornish tells us how we can help the body heal itself.
  4. Mechai Viravaidya praises the condom as adding to the sexual health in Thailand.
  5. Lucien Engelen talks about the development of apps to make emergency medical access even faster.
  6. Stephen Palumbi warns about the negative affects of some of the foods from the ocean.
  7. Bill Davenhall explains how where your live can have a huge impact on your health.
  8. Bonnie Bassler teaches us how bacteria communicate in more complex ways than we have imagined and how knowing this might help us prevent contamination
  9. A. J. Jacobs tells us how healthy living nearly killed him
  10. David Agus provides insight into new and unorthodox ways that oncologists are using technology and pharmaceuticals to fight cancer
  11. Eva Vertes offers us optimism about the future potential of medicine
  12. Marvin Minsky reminds us that science corroborates the “New Age” beliefs about the mind body connection.


Enjoy these TED Talks on Your Health videos and please leave a comment.  Tell me what you think and how these videos affected you.


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Dr. Erica



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1 Steve-Personal Success Factors { 04.04.12 at 11:10 pm }

Dr. Erica, I’m most intrigued by the TED talk from A.A. Jacobs: How Healthy Living Nearly Killed Him?! Since I’m working on health eating right now, I’m going to have to check his talk out. I’ve just started making a lot of green smoothies in order to increase the greens in my system.
Steve-Personal Success Factors recently posted..A Key To Personal Growth Development: Negative Visualization?!My Profile

2 Dr. Erica Goodstone { 04.05.12 at 12:58 am }


I have known several people for whom the most healthy foods are no longer healthy for their body. One friend who is undergoing chemotherapy was told NOT to take antioxidants so as not to feed the cancer. I knew a vegetarian whose eyes were bulging and he ended up in the hospital due to malnutrition.

Balance is essential. Enjoy the video.


Dr. Erica